10 Best YouTube Channels for Stock Market to Follow in 2022

Her forte is technical analysis mainly moving averages and candles. In her team she has qualified CA’s well known stock brokers & research paritesi analysts for giving you best research in stock market. Be sure to talk to a financial advisor before making any stock market investments.

Do you want your YouTube videos to appear on top search results? We have provided some YouTube SEO tips to help your videos obtain a high ranking. A compilation of the best magic tricks from YouTube video editors. Click here to learn power trend how to do magic tricks like a pro in a few simple steps. This Youtube channel is different because it aims for fun while educating the viewer. It is mainly for beginners and teaches many of the common methods to analyze stocks.

Sunil Minglani is a known expert on behavioral aspects of Stock Markets who has now decided to apply same human principles in life transformation and mentoring. Sunil has rich experience in analyzing stock and chart patterns which he has co-related with human psychological patterns at a deeper level. NSE was set up by leading institutions to provide a modern, fully automated screen-based trading system with national reach. The Exchange has brought about unparalleled transparency, speed & efficiency, safety and market integrity. We are India’s Largest Influencer Marketing Agency with influencer network in 16 countries including India. We work with 400+ leading brands to transform their business through Content Driven Influencer Solutions across Social Media Platforms.

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This the place to go to find videos that explode some of the myths around finance and that take a sceptical look at some supposed fixes that don’t work. In other words, it’s a channel that isn’t afraid to take a contradictory view of many of the fads and nonsensical ‘life hacks’ that seem to be everywhere these days. This alone makes it well worth a sub, but there’s plenty of down-to-earth, useful advice to be found there too. A host of other similar apps have sprung up, all offering investors the chance to get involved in the markets without having to shell out hundreds or even thousands of dollars in fees. As a result, millions of people who until previously had felt shut out of the stock market have been able to slowly amass investment portfolios. Based in Qatar, this Youtube channel is dedicated to Asian and Middle Eastern stock markets, as well as focused on gold, silver, and other precious metal stocks.

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Trading in stock market is an art and being an artist sometime your painting will be colorful and sometimes it will be black and white. But to make your painting colorful most of the time you must understand technical and fundamental analysis quite better and we are here to provide you that support. With this mission of helping we are here with our two channels one of them is this channel and the other one is market idea.

Stock Investment Analysis

Examine and highlight developments in mutual funds, the share market, and the finance industry. This stock market influencer tries to cover the basics in savings, debt investing, and money management apart from the general financial education of the masses. Covers all about teaching https://broker-review.org/ beginners how to start investing in the stock market. Even seasoned traders consult with other successful traders to get fresh ideas and learn ways to make their trading more profitable. Most of the YouTube channels and the websites behind them offer courses in trading stocks.

Serial entrepreneur Patrick Bet-David started this channel as source of knowledge for people looking to learn about entrepreneurship. Patrick’s family immigrated to the United States when he was just 10 years old. After serving his country in the military, he started an insurance sales, marketing and distribution company called PHP Agency Inc. Open a new Webull brokerage account today and deposit any amount of money to receive 5 free stocks. Webull offers commission free stock, ETF, option and crypto trading.

Patrick Wieland began day training by the end of 2015, and his learning curve has steadily risen. If someone is interested in live trading, then this is their channel. Steve Miller addresses many trader issues in his videos and workshops at AskSlim.com. His videos feature a sophisticated combination of technical and cycle analysis, allowing you to profit from stock price action as it occurs.

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If you have any questions, it’s possible to contact Quinten, the creator of this YouTube channel, directly via his email. As Desai and Singh share their trading screens, you get to see the exact charting layouts, software and market scanners they use. You might lessons in corporate finance also qualify for a free bonus BOWS Trading Kit that includes a playbook and introductory course. Penny Stocks Channel will talk about penny scrips Listed in INDIAN STOCK MARKETS (BSE & NSE) which are fundamental undervalued now or technically oversold now .

People will start going out again, bars and cafes will fill with people, the sky will fill with planes and the roads will go back to being as congested as before. Some optimists even talk of a post-Covid boom – for those businesses that have survived, at any rate. 8 Top Investing Podcasts Your greatest asset is your own knowledge. You should never stop learning; top investing podcasts like these will educate you in the best way. I think there’s a very fine line between staying knowledgeable about what is going on in the world and becoming overconsumed in the investing world news and letting it drive your investment decisions. Zacks is a great website and I personally use their stock screener very frequently and to be honest, I didn’t even realize that they had an investing YouTube channel until recently.

Best Stock Video Sites for YouTubers in 2022

Kevin is also very transparent on his trades, trade balances, stocks traded and the amount of money he has invested. He started creating videos in 2016 and now has one of the largest YouTube financial channels. He posts video’s regularly and they are always well done with accurate information and trustworthy due diligence.

If you want to learn how to day trade stocks, then the Warrior Trading YouTube channel, which is one of the best YouTube channels for the stock market is a great place to start. Started in 2013 by Ross Cameron, the channel provides complete day trading courses, on-demand educational courses and tools for day traders, and community support. Started by Kunal Desai in 2009, the Bulls on Wall Street YouTube channel features a wealth of video information on stock trading with courses on swing and day trading. You can watch BOWS on a live feed every weekday morning, starting 30 minutes before the market opening. The channel has over 1,000 videos on a plethora of market topics for new and seasoned traders alike.

Because Alphabet Inc. owns YouTube, it is not possible to buy just YouTube stock. Alphabet Inc. is traded on the Nasdaq, under the tickers GOOGL and GOOG. Other guests include Benzinga CEO Jason Raznick and Hot Stocks’ Luke Jacobi, who provide trading perspectives on stocks they like or dislike. Since its inception in April 2017, Young And Investing have amassed one of the largest followings in this niche.

Watching the YouTube videos on the channel also gives you access to a 20% discount to Benzinga Pro, where you can get the latest relevant market information. Every day the market is open, we chart the overall market, the S&P 500 and the NASDAQ 100 , plus Gold. In just a few short minutes, we update you on what we see taking place in the market. At the end of every week, we give you an overview of what happened over the last five days and what’s on the calendar for the next trading week. Dan Fitzpatrick is an established technical analyst and trader. He is a frequent guest on CNBC, and his work is regularly featured on Jim Cramer’s Mad Money television show.

This channel is dedicated to providing education and analysis for stock market investing with a focus on dividend growth stocks. He currently has 783 uploaded videos and his audience mainly consists of investors who trade in financial markets and want to stay up to date in trading. You might also have trouble learning about stock trading via traditional educational methods. You can learn how to do almost anything on YouTube, and videos can be the perfect medium for learning how to trade stocks.

Stock Market Youtube Channels

With the number of online stockbrokers offering commission free stock trading, figuring out which broker is preferable for you might take a little research. Also, once you know what you need in a stockbroker, you can make a better decision about which broker will suit you best. Meir Barack has an impressive social media presence, with 2 Twitter profiles, a Facebook page and group, and an Instagram page.

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